Under 12 Switching Point of Attack

Description: Building on last week’s WIMPS session we will work on variations of passes and how they can be used to switch the point of attack in a game.

Coaching Points:

  • “Width in attack”
  • When to switch play? (When the game is compact)
  • Types of passes to switch play
  • Using Possession to switch point of attack
    • Warm-up

      Description: Technical warm-up based on ball control, dribbling and turn technique.

      Turn variations:

      • Inside hook
      • Outside hook
      • Cruyff turn
      • Drag Back
      • Insides/toe taps

      Technical – Passing Variations

      Passing Variations

      Description: Activity to develop variations of passes, looking at when to use which pass in a game in order to switch the point of attack.

      Players split into three teams, one team in either end zone with the third team in the middle with a ball. Player in the middle must play a 1-2 with one end player who then plays a long pass to opposite end zone. Middle player then repeats.

      Passing Variations:

      • Punch pass: Using the instep, drive through centre of the ball. Most accurate.
      • Driven pass: Using the laces, knee over the ball and drive through centre of the ball. Most powerful/quickest
      • Curled pass: Using instep, wrap foot around the ball to add spin.
      • Lofted pass: Using laces/instep, strike under the centre of the ball. Can be quick and evade defenders when used appropriately.

      SSG – 2 Goals

      SSG - Wide Play

      Description: Max 6v6, two teams each have two goals to attack. 1 Point for goal in either net. If a team can quickly switch the point of attack and score they will receive 3 points.

      Develop understanding of WIMPS, can we always have someone in support deep and ahead of the ball? Show how to use possession to quickly switch the point of attack as well as various passing techniques.

      Free play