Tag: Passing and Receiving

  • Short passing and possession

    Session Focus: Short passing and receiving Develop short passing and receiving technique. Warmup – Diamond Passing Play starts with one player on each of the orange cones, all other players line up on blue cone. First player must play anti-clockwise to the player on the next cone and follow his pass. This is repeated until […]

  • Short and long passing session

    Session Topic: This session focuses on short and long passing technique. The session will also cover receiving technique, possession and using width in attack. Age: Under 10 – Under 12 Warm-up (8mins) To begin the session have players passing in pairs, moving around a set playing area (Size dependent on numbers). Begin with 2 yard […]

  • Receiving to Play Forward

    Session focus: Quick, accurate passing passing Patience in possession Spacial Awareness 1. Warmup – Two touch passing Warmup 2. Possession (Playing Forward) One team starts as defending team with 1 defened in each square. Other two teams make it 4v1. Aim is to make 3-5 passes then open up and play forward to other team […]

  • Passing and Possession

    Warmup – Arrival Activity 1 ball between two, passing. Then passing and moving. Whole – 6v6 game Description: Free play 6v6 with MUYL roll out rule in effect. Coach the game: Kickouts Throw-ins Defending Corners Part – 3v1 Rondos Description: Two 8×8 yard squares, in each there will be 3 on attacking team versus 1 […]

  • Passing and Receiving

    Session Topic: Passing and Receiving Time: 60mins Players: 12-14 Session Coaching Points: Support – Width & depth Movement Body position to receive – Open stance 1 – Warmup Video: http://youtu.be/uxCz5X6Pl8I Description: Players split into four equal groups each in a square. 1 ball per square, players are passing and moving into space after. On the […]