Defining my Coaching Philosophy

The first task for our Modern Soccer Coach Mentorship Programme is based on defining our Coaching Philosophy.

My Coaching Philosophy

The process of defining a Coaching Philosophy

It’s something I have thought about but never taken the time to actually document what sort of coach I want to be and my coaching influences.

We started with a Webinar on “Designing a Philosophy” with Gary Curneen, the Coach behind the Programme where we discussed how to define a Philosophy and looked at examples.

Notes from "Designing a Coaching Philosophy" Webinar with Gary Curneen

About my Coaching Philosophy

I’ve broken my Philosophy into three areas:

  1. Me, the Coach
  2. Style of Play
  3. Developing the Young Person.
  4. 1. Me, the Coach

    In the first section I have defined who I want to be as a coach, the attributes I want to develop and also look at some of my coaching influences.

    2. Style of play

    Within the Style of Play section I look at the teams and players that influence my desired style of play and then break it down to look at how I want my teams to play in possession, out of possession and in transition.

    Chris Colhoun Coaching Philosophy - Style of Play

    3. Developing Young People

    The final part of my Coaching Philosophy looks at Developing Young People. As a Youth Development Coach I feel it is important to think of more than football and encourage good values and respect in the players I coach.

    To be continued…

    The process of defining my Coaching Philosophy has been interesting and enjoyable. While I have always had a good idea of how I want my teams to play, I have never and actually taken the time to document this.

    I have learnt so much more about my Coaching Philosophy through this process but it has made me realise that while many of my principals will stay the same, my Philosophy will evolve over time.

    Now I have a starting point and will refer back to it on a regular basis but I will continue to develop my coaching style and with it my overall Coaching Philosophy.

    Surround yourself with good people

    Thank you to all the coaches I have spoke to throughout this process. I’ve had a chat with several people based in various parts of the world, many for the first time, and have learnt a lot from our discussions.

    If anyone would like to chat about my Philosophy or coaching in general please feel free to get me on Twitter or drop me an e-mail.

2018 Modern Soccer Coach Mentorship Programme

Modern Soccer Coach LogoI was delighted this week to find out I have been successful in my application for the 2018 Modern Soccer Coach Mentorship Programme.

Here’s what the Programme is all about:

Modern Soccer Coach Worldwide Mentorship program is an exciting new initiative designed to develop young, ambitious coaches and give them access to elite coaches from a different soccer background, who have experience at the highest level. The program is specifically designed where the mentees will get guidance, support, challenges and have the opportunity to bounce career-related ideas off someone they may not have otherwise met.

My Mentor

I have been teamed up with Maryland based coach Bobby Puppione who will be my mentor throughout the program.

Bobby is the former Director at Cincinnati United/ CUP and USSF ‘A’ Licence, a highly experienced coach and I’m looking forward to learning from his experience.

What does the programme involved?

Over the next 6 months I will be working on a 6-month structured programme aimed at providing opportunities to develop my Philosophy and coaching delivery.

I’m really excited for the opportunity and I’m looking forward to getting started!