Under 12 Playing out from the back

Description: Session to develop understanding of playing out from the back. Session should focus on passing and receiving technique and positioning in and out of possession. Coaching Points Receiving to play forward – Body Shape (half turn), Scanning, spacial awareness Positioning for kickouts – Use width, spread out Positioning when out of possession – Stay […]

Under 12 Passing and Attacking Session

Description: Session to develop passing and receiving technique. We then introduce players to different 4v4 conditioned games where they have to solve different problems. Coaching Points: Short passing and receiving Patience in possession Penetration in attack Forward runs, runs into space Warmup – Technical (Passing) (20mins) Description: Three variations of short passing, slowly lifting the […]

Short passing and possession

Session Focus: Short passing and receiving Develop short passing and receiving technique. Warmup – Diamond Passing Play starts with one player on each of the orange cones, all other players line up on blue cone. First player must play anti-clockwise to the player on the next cone and follow his pass. This is repeated until […]

Short and long passing session

Session Topic: This session focuses on short and long passing technique. The session will also cover receiving technique, possession and using width in attack. Age: Under 10 – Under 12 Warm-up (8mins) To begin the session have players passing in pairs, moving around a set playing area (Size dependent on numbers). Begin with 2 yard […]

Finishing Session – Volleys

Session Focus: This session focuses on Passing, Receiving and Finishing Technique using Volleys. Age group: U11 Warmup Players: 5-10 (Work with two groups if more) Equipment: Balls and Cones Duration: 15-20mins Setup Play starts with player on the ball dribbling clockwise to the next cone and passing to the next player who repeats. Play for […]

Passing and receiving technique

Sessions using Coerver practices focused on Passing and Receiving technique. Warmup Setup: 8×6 Area, three groups with one ball. Description: Each team starts with one server who has a ball, all other team mates are on opposite of area in a line facing the server. Players take turns to receive a pass and return the […]

Passing and Receiving

Session Topic: Passing and Receiving Time: 60mins Players: 12-14 Session Coaching Points: Support – Width & depth Movement Body position to receive – Open stance 1 – Warmup Video: http://youtu.be/uxCz5X6Pl8I Description: Players split into four equal groups each in a square. 1 ball per square, players are passing and moving into space after. On the […]