Finishing Session – Volleys

Session Focus: This session focuses on Passing, Receiving and Finishing Technique using Volleys.

Age group: U11


  • Players: 5-10 (Work with two groups if more)
  • Equipment: Balls and Cones
  • Duration: 15-20mins


Passing Square Warmup Drill

Play starts with player on the ball dribbling clockwise to the next cone and passing to the next player who repeats. Play for 2-3 minutes to allow players to adequately warm up. Focus on technique and understanding the activity before asking players to increase tempo.


  • Go anti-clockwise
  • Add stepover/skill whilst dribbling
  • Passing instead of dribbling
  • Passing Anti-clockwise
  • Pass, 1/2

Technique Part 1 – Volleys (Accuracy)

Youth Soccer Volley Technique Drill

Time: 10mins

Players split into two teams, each team has three balls set on top of cones 5 yards away with one player from each team behind the balls acting as a server.

The server throws to the person top of the que who must try to volley the ball and knock a ball of the cone. The server is responsible for retrieving the ball and only one ball per team.

Technique Part 2 – Volleys (Power)

Youth Soccer Volley Team Game

Time: 10mins

One team stands at right hand side of a large goal with no goalkeeper and the other team on the left side. First player form each team stands in front of the goals. Next player in line serves and striker must score with a volley and it has to hit the back of the net to count.

Side of foot or laces? Good technique, eyes on ball, knee over ball and strike through.


  • Headers to score – Focus on attacking the ball, don’t be scared of it. How does this apply to defensive header on a Saturday especially from set pieces?

SSG – Wide areas with header/volley bonus

Youth Soccer Small Sided Game - Passing, Possession and Finishing

Each team has two small goals to score in, players must attempt to switch play quickly to the opposite wing to exploit space.

No goalkeepers but players can score in the large nets with a volley or header to score. Scoring as follows:

  • Score in small goals = 1 goal
  • Score in large goals with header or volleys = 3 goals
  • Switch the player and score in opposite small goal within 10 seconds = 5 goals

Ball Mastery

An introduction for the players into Coerver methods focusing on Ball Mastery.

Coaching Points:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Dribbling and Running with Ball Technique
  • Working on ABCs (Agility Balance Coordination Speed)

1. Warmup – Ball Mastery


Description: Players in pairs with a ball. Partners take turns to perform various skills.


  • Sole Taps
  • Shuffles
  • Shuffle stop
  • Shuffle take
  • Take stop

2. Speed

Coercer - Speed

Description: Two teams on opposite sides of area facing each other, on coaches call first player from each team performs agility exercise before sprinting to touch one of the mini goals. The coach will call “Red” or “Blue”.


  • Zig zag shuffle
  • Run to end of cones, side to side, back pedal, side to side and sprint through
  • Circle 1st and last cone
  • Side to side shuffle
  • Single steps

3. Moves

Coerver - Moves

Description: Each half of the pitch now has a ball, once the players complete the agility work they react to the coaches call to finish in the corner cone goals.

How many 1v1’s can you win?


  • Players react to colour that is opposite of the coaches call. Blue = Red etc
  • Change agility exercises

4. 1v1

Coercer - 1v1

Description: Blue’s begin as defending team, play is stated with a pass into the first red player who can score in either goal. Encourage players to use their moves, faints, skill to beat opponent and score.

Players must be in final third to score. Change team roles every 4-6 minutes.


  • 2v2

5. 7v7 Free Play

Free play - 6v6