Finishing Session – Volleys

Session Focus: This session focuses on Passing, Receiving and Finishing Technique using Volleys. Age group: U11 Warmup Players: 5-10 (Work with two groups if more) Equipment: Balls and Cones Duration: 15-20mins Setup Play starts with player on the ball dribbling clockwise to the next cone and passing to the next player who repeats. Play for […]

Ball Mastery

An introduction for the players into Coerver methods focusing on Ball Mastery. Coaching Points: Ball Mastery Dribbling and Running with Ball Technique Working on ABCs (Agility Balance Coordination Speed) 1. Warmup – Ball Mastery Description: Players in pairs with a ball. Partners take turns to perform various skills. Progressions: Sole Taps Shuffles Shuffle stop Shuffle […]