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  • Attacking Midfield Runs

    Attacking Midfield Runs

    As part of preparation for my final UEFA B Licence Assessment I put together some research on the topic “Attacking Midfield Runs”. I also had the opportunity to present this to a group of coaches as part of a recent Modern Soccer Coach “Midfield Masterclass” Webinar alongside the excellent David Seymour. Below is some ideas […]

  • 3 Steps to Better Coaching Interventions – Infographic

    3 Steps to Better Coaching Interventions – Infographic

    One of the best bits of information I received on the Uefa B Licence Course in Belfast with the Irish FA, was on how to improve your Coaching Interventions.

  • Sports Psychology – The Future Coach Seminar

    Sports Psychology – The Future Coach Seminar

    Tom Bates is a leading performance psychologist, speaker, author and UEFA A Licence Coach and has worked with teams in the Premier League and English Championship.

  • Working on Communication

    Working on Communication

    This month on the Modern Soccer Coach Worldwide Mentorship Programme we have been looking at communication and how it is an essential tool for any successful coach.

  • Defining my Coaching Philosophy

    The first task for our Modern Soccer Coach Mentorship Programme is based on defining our Coaching Philosophy. My Coaching Philosophy The process of defining a Coaching Philosophy It’s something I have thought about but never taken the time to actually document what sort of coach I want to be and my coaching influences. We started […]

  • 2018 Modern Soccer Coach Mentorship Programme

    I was delighted this week to find out I have been successful in my application for the 2018 Modern Soccer Coach Mentorship Programme. Here’s what the Programme is all about: Modern Soccer Coach Worldwide Mentorship program is an exciting new initiative designed to develop young, ambitious coaches and give them access to elite coaches from […]

  • Coaching Books for Christmas 2017

    I’ve picked up a couple of great coaching books in 2017. Improving my knowledge of the game is one of the most important things I try to do every week. There is plenty of lessons you can learn from the best coaches in the world and apply to your sessions, even at grassroots level. Here’s […]

  • A Guide to Running a Session

    One of the best resources for Youth Coaches out there, The Coaching Manual has just published an article on how to plan a session, straight from the Southampton Academy. A great insight into how sessions are planned at a Premier League Academy, plenty to take into your sessions at grassroots level. Follow @CoachingManual on Twitter […]

  • Implementing a style of play

    Reading time: 5 minutes When you work with youth teams at grassroots level, producing consistent performances can be very difficult as players often only have one or two hours playing together each week. One way to help youth teams produce consistent performances is having a style of play. Here are a few things I have […]

  • Attacking overloads

    Description: Purpose of session is to make players aware of what an overload is, basics on how to create an overload and where it could help on a match day. Arrival/Warmup: Players in groups of 4-6 have 1 ball and are split into two groups facing each other 5-8 yards apart. Two touch passing, first […]