Under 12 three team session

Description: Session designed to work with a large group of players. Approx 18-21.

Warm up – Three Team Skills Challange

Skills Challange Warm up

Technical practice – Three Colour Passing

Three Colour Passing

Progressions – Three colour possession

Three Colour Possession

SSG – Corner Possession

Three Colour Corner Possession

Free play

Free Play - 8v8

Under 12 Playing out from the back

Description: Session to develop understanding of playing out from the back. Session should focus on passing and receiving technique and positioning in and out of possession.

Coaching Points

  • Receiving to play forward – Body Shape (half turn), Scanning, spacial awareness
  • Positioning for kickouts – Use width, spread out
  • Positioning when out of possession – Stay compact, until ball in in keepers hands, then spread out
  • Movement to support

Warm up – Receiving on the half turn

Receiving on the Half Turn Technical Practice
Receiving on the Half Turn Technical Practice

Description: Players in groups of 6-8, split up into two even groups facing each other. To begin, simply take a touch to control and pass to opposite player then follow your pass to join the opposite group.

Work for 3 minutes to allow players to warm up. Can add in dynamic stretching by jogging around the cone to your immediate left. Progress to 1 touch when players are comfortable.


  • 1 player starts in middle, receives on half turn and passes to opposite group, always follow your pass. There should always be one player in the middle
  • 1-2 pass with end player who passes to middle player, receives on the half turn and repeats


Opposed Practice – Playing out from the back

Playing out from the back technical practice
Playing out from the back technical practice

Playing area: 35mx60m

Description: 7 (plus goalkeeper) v 4 in the main area with 2 target players. Play always starts from the goal keeper, blue’s must spread out and work on their shape for goal kicks. Blue’s aim to get the ball into one of the target players to score a point, target player then switches to the other target who plays back to goal keeper.

If red’s gain possession they must aim to score into large goal.


  • Number of passes before scoring

Link to video

Original session from thecoachingmanual.com

SSG – Playing out from the back

Playing out from the back Small Sided Game
Playing out from the back Small Sided Game

Playing area: 35mx60m

Description: Play now switches around and the blue team attack the large goal.

7v6 (plus goalkeeper) game in the main area in favour of the blues, play starts with the blue server (or coach depending on numbers). Blue’s must play from the server to create goal scoring opportunities.

Blue’s can play back to server to keep possession. If the red’s regain possession then they must aim to score in either of the small target goals.

Throw-ins in play, play restarts from the server.


  • Limit touches
  • Number of passes before scoring

Link to video

Original session from thecoachingmanual.com

Free Play – 8v8

Free Play - 8v8
Free Play – 8v8

Under 12 Passing and Attacking Session


Session to develop passing and receiving technique. We then introduce players to different 4v4 conditioned games where they have to solve different problems.

Coaching Points:

  • Short passing and receiving
  • Patience in possession
  • Penetration in attack
  • Forward runs, runs into space

Warmup – Technical (Passing) (20mins)

Passing Warm up

Description: Three variations of short passing, slowly lifting the tempo as the warm up goes on. Players should work on developing passing and receive technique, ideally working with 1 or 2 touches maximum.

SSG – Playing against a high line (20mins)

SSG - High Line

Description: This game mimics playing against a team that defends high up the pitch, the team in possession must look to beat the offside trap and either drive into the attacking third or receive a well timed pass.

Once the attacker breaks into the end zone only 1 defender can follow in to defend. As the players get used to the drill add more pressure or regress as required.


  • Add more pressure
  • Remove offside – now all attacking players must be over half way line to score. Helps to develop sense of when to move up the pitch as a unit
  • Add strikers into the end zones, they must receive the ball with their backs to goal and look to set a midfielder for a shot from distance. This can be useful when the attacker is being tightly marked


  • Play starts from Goal Keeper who must play into central zone, you can retain possession by going back to keeper unopposed
  • If ball goes out of middle zone simply kick in rather than throw, if ball goes out in either end zone it is goal keepers ball, no corners
  • If you score you keep possession but start from your keeper

Free Play (20mins)

Free Play - 8v8