Receiving to Play Forward

Session focus: Quick, accurate passing passing Patience in possession Spacial Awareness 1. Warmup – Two touch passing Warmup 2. Possession (Playing Forward) One team starts as defending team with 1 defened in each square. Other two teams make it 4v1. Aim is to make 3-5 passes then open up and play forward to other […]

Dribbling and running with the ball

The focus of the session is to work on running with the ball, dribbling and improvisation in attack. Penetration will also be covered in 1v1 and SSG. Warm up – Coerver turn square Setup: 15 x 15 square Players split up into two teams, one team starts outside square and other team inside small triangle […]

Finishing Session – Volleys

Session Focus: This session focuses on Passing, Receiving and Finishing Technique using Volleys. Age group: U11 Warmup Players: 5-10 (Work with two groups if more) Equipment: Balls and Cones Duration: 15-20mins Setup Play starts with player on the ball dribbling clockwise to the next cone and passing to the next player who repeats. Play for […]