Attacking / Defending

1. Warmup – Technical Circuit

Technical Warmup

Video: Facebook link

2a. Basics of Defending 1v1

Defending 1v1

Description: 1 ball per pair, each player takes it in turn to drive towards the passive defender opposite and reach the other line. once they are there drill repeats with now other player becoming the passive defender. defender will become active can they now get past the defender to the end line. defender needs to think about body shape/angle/distance away from attacker. can we force them to an area? weaker foot?

Coaching Points: (Technical) Defender needs to think about body shape/angle/distance away from attacker. can we force them to an area? weaker foot?

Progression: Full Pressure 1v1

1v1 Full Pressure

Description: Add a small end zone containing a mini goal. Defender plays the ball into the attacker who must try to score in the mini goal. If defender wins the ball he scores by stopping the ball on the opposite end line.

Think about body shape, closing defender down quickly, dictate where the defender can go.

2b. Finishing (Whole/Part/Whole)

Description: Two teams start in their own halves, can have a goal keeper or first man back. If it is too hard to score remove goal keepers and players can only stop with a block or header.

WHOLE: Play starts with one team who tries to score from their own half, if the ball goes out or they score the other team starts play and repeats. Good supply of balls for both teams, no throw-ins or corners. Restart with new ball from the teams own half.

Shooting Game Whole

PART: Each team has two groups, one on each of corners. All players have a ball each and take turns to serve to the coach who lays off for a shot.

Important to work on finishing techniques, driven shot, chip shot, placed shot and cured shot.

Progress to use goalkeepers to increase difficulty, coach alternates team he servers too.


Finishing Part

Progress back to WHOLE.

3. 8v8 Game

Free play - 6v6

Full 9v9 pitch size, roll out rule with proper formation. Encourage good technique from topics earlier in the session.

Defensive and Attacking Headers

Fun session to develop basic knowledge of Defensive and Attacking headers.


Defensive and Attacking Headers

Description: Players work in groups of three in a 6x6yd square with one ball. Start with the player in the middle who serves to an outside player, this player heads the ball over the servers head to the other player. Repeat for 30-40secs and change server.


1. (B) Attacking Header – Now, head the ball through the legs of the server to work on attacking headers.

Coaching Points:

  • When to use each type of header
  • Body shape for stability. Arm position, knees flexed.
  • Eyes open

Headers Game

Headers Tournament

Description: Teams play 2v2 and start in any square, to begin one player serves the ball to their teammate who tries to score by heading the ball past an opposing player. The other team either catches the ball or lifts it and serves to their teammate.

Play 2-3min games and switch grids, winners move up (or stay at top) and losers move down. Flip a coin/extra time to determine winners of drawn games.

Winning team is the team who win final game in Premiership.