Passing and receiving technique

Sessions using Coerver practices focused on Passing and Receiving technique.


Coerver - Passing and Receiving Warmup

Setup: 8×6 Area, three groups with one ball.

Description: Each team starts with one server who has a ball, all other team mates are on opposite of area in a line facing the server. Players take turns to receive a pass and return the ball to the server, once they have played a pass they join the back of their group. Change server every 60 seconds, can use hand signal for this to ensure players look up.

Change types of passing and receiving based on ability. Variations include:

  • 1 touch with instep of right foot, 1 touch with instep of left foot
  • Receive with left, pass with right
  • Receive with right, pass with left
  • Outside of right/left (change direction of ball) and pass with same foot.
  • Half volly
  • Thigh and volly(right/left)
  • Chest and volly
  • Head back
  • Control with head and volly

Competition: When you have worked through progressions and find a technique all groups are comfortable with put 60 seconds on clock and see how many complete passes each group can make. If ball goes outside their grid it does not count.



Coerver - Speed 4 (Turning + Finishing)

Setup: As with previous activity

Description: First person from each group stands on the receiver line, when the coach starts play the opposite player must make a pass to the receiver. They must then turn and dribble to the end of the three large cones before shooting into the open goal. The ball must not hit the ground before the net for the goal to count, the team who scores first wins a point.


  • Slalom through cones

Coaching Points:

  • How to receive – Half turn, let the ball run
  • Communication – Tell server where you want it
  • Finishing technique (At speed)


Coerver 1v1

Setup: 15×15 / 20×20 square

Description: Players now split up into two teams, defenders (reds shown) start with a ball. They dribble a stop the ball in front of the blue player who can attack. The defender must go round a cone and apply pressure to attacker. The attacker must break into the end zone and speed and try to knock a ball of the cone.

Players join opposite group once complete.


  • Make it a team competition – Give each team 5mins on clock to be attackers then rotate

Coaching points:

  • Quick finishing under pressure
  • Passing accuracy


Free play

Free play - 6v6

Ball Mastery

An introduction for the players into Coerver methods focusing on Ball Mastery.

Coaching Points:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Dribbling and Running with Ball Technique
  • Working on ABCs (Agility Balance Coordination Speed)

1. Warmup – Ball Mastery


Description: Players in pairs with a ball. Partners take turns to perform various skills.


  • Sole Taps
  • Shuffles
  • Shuffle stop
  • Shuffle take
  • Take stop

2. Speed

Coercer - Speed

Description: Two teams on opposite sides of area facing each other, on coaches call first player from each team performs agility exercise before sprinting to touch one of the mini goals. The coach will call “Red” or “Blue”.


  • Zig zag shuffle
  • Run to end of cones, side to side, back pedal, side to side and sprint through
  • Circle 1st and last cone
  • Side to side shuffle
  • Single steps

3. Moves

Coerver - Moves

Description: Each half of the pitch now has a ball, once the players complete the agility work they react to the coaches call to finish in the corner cone goals.

How many 1v1’s can you win?


  • Players react to colour that is opposite of the coaches call. Blue = Red etc
  • Change agility exercises

4. 1v1

Coercer - 1v1

Description: Blue’s begin as defending team, play is stated with a pass into the first red player who can score in either goal. Encourage players to use their moves, faints, skill to beat opponent and score.

Players must be in final third to score. Change team roles every 4-6 minutes.


  • 2v2

5. 7v7 Free Play

Free play - 6v6

Passing and Possession

Warmup – Arrival Activity

1 ball between two, passing. Then passing and moving.

Whole – 6v6 game

Free play - 6v6

Description: Free play 6v6 with MUYL roll out rule in effect.

Coach the game:

  • Kickouts
  • Throw-ins
  • Defending Corners

Part – 3v1 Rondos

From Dick Bate Session -
From Dick Bate Session –

Description: Two 8×8 yard squares, in each there will be 3 on attacking team versus 1 defender who play a 3v1 Rondo (or Keep ball). On coaches call of “Switch”, the defender runs out and is replaced by another whilst the passing team continues. Replacing the defender helps to keep up intensity.

Game related: Often in matches you are put under a lot of pressure when playing out from the back. This makes the area you are playing in congested and often tight, therefore players must get used to quick passing and be aware of their movement to create space in order to play out.

  1. Change possession team every 5-6 minutes

Coaching Points:

  • Create space – width and depth
  • Movement – rotation
  • Passing technique and receiving technique
  • Passing in tight areas

Whole – 6v6 game

Free play - 6v6

Description: Free play 6v6 with MUYL roll out rule in effect.

Coach the game:

  • Kickouts
  • Throw-ins
  • Defending Corners